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Selecting a Corporate Name

You have to be careful while selecting a name for your Corporation. A strong corporate name would ideally contain 3 elements, a distinctive element, a descriptive element and a legal element.


  1. Distinctive: A distinctive element can be a dictionary word or a word created by the you. It should be a unique identifier that distinguishes your proposed business name from the other business engaged in the similar business activities.
  2. Distinctive element is ABC

  3. Descriptive:  A descriptive element is a word or words that describes the nature of your business activity
  4. Descriptive element is MARKETING

  5. Legal:   A legal element is mandatory and reflects the legal status of the company an incorporated entity. Valid legal elements are:

    • Limited
    • Ltd.
    • Corporation
    • Corp.
    • Incorporation
    • Inc.

    Legal element is LTD

What is a Numbered Name?

Instead of having a government agency approve your name, you can instead choose to have number assigned as your corporation name. (e.g. 12345 Ontario Inc.) In such cases, government will assign the next available number when processing your application.

Firms choose this option when corporation name is not important to them or the desired name is not available. This results in a faster application process and saves the expense of a NUANS® report. If you want a specific number for your corporation name, a NUANS® report must be obtained.

You can incorporate your business here



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