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NUANS® - Preliminary Search

A Preliminary name search can potentially save you time and money by eliminating proposed names with exact matches before you pay for your NUANS® Report.

Why spend money on multiple reports when you can conduct pre-searches to help determine name availability?

Preliminary name searches offer you assistance with your name decision process. There are over 3 million business names in the database.

A Preliminary search gives you an opportunity to search up to 3 business names at once at a much lower price. The results can be faxed, emailed or delivered by telephone immediately to assist you in your name decision process.

Limitations of Preliminary NUANS® Search

  • Preliminary Nuans® Search only conducts an exact match for the name you are submitting
  • Preliminary Nuans® Search is not designed to find names that are phonetically or visually similar
  • Preliminary Nuans® Search cannot replace the NUANS Report, as it is meant only to assist you in the name decision process


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